What is the difference between Challenge Stages?

Within a Challenge workflow, there are 5 possible Stage types that can be used to define the path Ideas will take. The Stage types can be configured in any order that allows an organisation to move Ideas through their Idea funnel.

  • Open 
    • Idea capture; other users can comment and vote on the Ideas. The Idea creator/team can edit the Idea during this Stage.
    • Must be the first stage of a Parallel Challenge.
  • Capture 
    • Idea capture only; other users cannot view, comment or vote on the Ideas. The Idea creator/team can edit the Idea during this stage.
    • Not available for Parallel Challenges.
    • When the Capture Stage is closed and the Ideas move to the next Stage, the Ideas will be visible to all Users.
  • Discussion 
    • A Discussion Stage is a social stage that allows everyone to vote and comment on the Challenge Ideas. This Stage offers an opportunity to let the crowd evaluate all of the Ideas in a Challenge, and give Ideas that were added later in the Open Stage an opportunity to gain some momentum before moving to a Review stage.
    • New Ideas cannot be added and existing Ideas cannot be edited during the Discussion Stage.
  • Review
    • The Review Stage brings Ideas into a ‘private space’ for designated panels to evaluate the Ideas against specified criteria. 
  • Development
    • The Development Stage typically occurs after a Review Stage and is generally used as a stage to build/refine Ideas that have made it through a Review process.


Ideas adopt different Statuses as they move through the Stages listed above. To find out about the different Idea Statuses, click here:
 What is the difference between Idea Statuses?



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