Yammer Integration

We have integrated Idea Spotlight with Yammer, Microsoft’s enterprise social network, to allow employees to share Challenges and Ideas to the whole organisation through the Company Feed or to specific individuals or Yammer groups.  Everyone can seamlessly navigate between Yammer and Idea Spotlight, with comments synchronised in both platforms, enabling everyone to contribute to Ideas regardless of the platform they are on.


Enabling Yammer integration

Please note that only System Admins can enable the Yammer integration.

  1. Open the Admin Panel
  2. Click on the Integrations tab
  3. Click on the Yammer sub-tab
  4. Tick “Allow signing in using Yammer account”
  5. Click on Submit

Single Sign-On (SSO) with Yammer is now activated and available from the login page. When an individual accesses Idea Spotlight via the SSO, matching fields from profiles are synchronised between the platforms. Please note that if the required fields  in Idea Spotlight cannot be pulled from Yammer, the individual will be prompted to complete their profile form will be prompted the first time they  login.

Note: If an individual has already created an Idea Spotlight account before logging in with the SSO, the system will automatically link the accounts if they share the same Email Address. The profile fields pulled from Yammer would then overwrite existing data manually entered in Idea Spotlight.


Configuring a challenge to share content on Yammer

Please note that the Yammer integration detailed in Step 1 has to be enabled for the domain first.

  1. Select Add Challenge from Admin Menu
  2. Complete General Information Workflow Settings
  3. Click Publish Options
  4. Tick Yammer under Define Share Options. If you want to support email notifications, you can also select Emails. Email notifications will be sent from Idea Spotlight.
  5. When you publish the Challenge, the Challenge and all Ideas can be shared in the All Company feed, to specific individuals or to Yammer groups.



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