Appointing Delegates

Anyone with an Idea Spotlight account can grant one or more System Administrators permission to publish Challenges or ideas on their behalf. With this new feature, System Administrators can create a challenge, share the challenge and enter idea updates all in the name of a senior member of the organisation.

To add delegates click on the profile symbol in the top right of the Idea Spotlight page then select Profile. The person 'plus' icon appears to the right of the account holder's name. Delegates can be added here by clicking on the icon and entering in the required name.


Creating a new Challenge as a delegate:


Having been appointed a Delegate, a System Administrator can click on the Settings cog and select Add Challenge. The ability to select different Challenge Managers from the drop down list highlighted above, allows a delegate to create a Challenge in the name of a colleague. The Challenge will display as though created by this person. 


Submitting an idea as a delegate.

Once appointed, a delegate can submit Ideas to a Challenge on behalf of a colleague.

Having clicked through to a Challenge, clicking on Submit Idea will bring up the following page:

Selecting 'Creator' shows a drop down list of colleagues on whose behalf they can submit an Idea. The Idea will then display as posted by this person. 

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