Terminology Variations

Within Idea Spotlight you can now change what you would like an 'idea' to be called on a challenge-by-challenge basis. If you are setting up a challenge to collect feedback or allow users to raise issues then you can change the word for your responses appropriately.

In order to change what an idea is called within a challenge you would decide this when setting up or editing the challenge. This is done by typing in what you would like the challenge response to be called, and also the plural of this response.



Once this challenge has been set up then these terms will be pulled to all places where 'idea' is usually shown within a challenge as shown below. 


If there are other terms within Idea Spotlight you would like to be changed, these changes will be reflected on the site as a whole, rather than on a challenge-by-challenge basis. If you would like a term to be changed, please request this change via support@wazoku.com


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