Community CSV Uploads

Sometimes you want to invite a sub-set of your full network to work around a specific topic or challenge. Communities provide a smaller space to have a focused discussion, and now members of communities can be managed easily from within. 

Community members can now be added or removed from a community by community managers using a single CSV upload.


Within a community click on the manage members tab on the menu running down the right hand side. 

  1. Here you can click on the invite members tab to invite new members into the community
  2. Uploading members by CSV allows you to upload multiple members at once, without needing to upload them individually by email address. For larger communities, you can also further segment your users by adding and removing them from groups, making it easier to share challenges with specific users. 
  3. By clicking on the question mark symbol you will be presented with the CSV template. The CSV which you use to invite members with must be formatted exactly the same as the one shown.
  4. The CSV must contain the following headings:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • E-mail Address
    • Access

      5.  If you are adding a member to a community then write 'add' alongside their name, if you are removing a member from a community then write 'remove'. 



If you want to add members to groups, you must first add the groups to the main admin panel of the site. Then once these are added, you can add the names of the groups as extra headings to your CSV file, and state beside each person you are adding whether you would like them to be added or removed from the group as shown below.  



Once your CSV is completed and formatted correctly you can upload it and click on the 'Upload' button. Once the users have been uploaded to the site, you will receive an email confirming the upload is complete. Any users which have not successfully been uploaded due to either formatting errors or otherwise will be sent back to you in a CSV file. 

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