Moderating Ideas

Within a challenge it is possible to moderate comments. This is something which is only recommended in very public environments, where for example you might be inviting members of the public in to contribute ideas. 


You can set up moderation for ideas when setting up your challenge workflow. When adding in your open stage into the challenge there is an option after selecting the form you are using to tick on moderating ideas. You can do this by clicking yes. 



Once you have selected to moderate ideas this means that when you have finished setting up your challenge and users submit ideas in response to this challenge they will not come up on the system straight away. they would have to be approved by the selected moderators. 


In order to set up who would moderate the ideas you can set this up under the 'Manage Challenge' menu. Here is an option called 'Manage Moderators' which brings you to this screen:



1. Use this menu to go to 'Manage moderators', which will lead you to the page above.

2. Select configure moderators 'By Challenge' this allows the moderators to be specific to this challenge.

3. Underneath 'Member' start typing the name of the person who you would like to moderate the ideas, this will pre-populate their name into the box. If you would like more than one person to moderate the challenge then select 'Add additional moderators' and repeat this step.  

4. Click save to save these changes. 


Now that your moderators are set up, when end users add an idea into the challenge it will not be seen immediately by other users. 

When a user clicks into 'Ideas for moderation' from the challenge page they will be shown this screen above. Here they will see the idea and also have the option to publish the idea, which will publish the idea and allow all users to see it; or reject the idea which would remove the idea from the challenge. Above the publish and reject button is a box for the moderator's decision. This allows the moderator to feedback to the end user why they have made the decision they have. They type their reason in the box, and then when pressing appropriately either accept or reject this will send this as a private email to the end-user who submitted the idea


The option of moderation is only advised however in a very public forum as this is a very admin heavy option for getting ideas onto the system. 

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