Featuring on the Homepage

Challenges can be featured on the homepage, allowing users to quickly access open challenges, and respond with ideas. If a challenge is featured on the homepage it displays on the right hand side as shown below:



This provides users with a quick call to action, and allows them to respond to challenges easily. You can chose to feature a challenge on the home screen when setting up the challenge. This is done by clicking yes as shown below. 





If you have not featured the challenge when setting up the challenge you can do so as an admin from the challenge page. The ribbon icon on the right hand side will allow you to feature challenges, communities and conversations. If your challenge has finished and you would like to un-feature it, this is also done from the icon highlighted below. 


You can feature as many challenges as you would like on the homepage, as well as communities and conversations, however we advise you only feature those which are open or active, so as to keep users engaged, and contributing relevant information. 


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