How do I Add Team Members to my Idea?

Teams allow a group to work together on an Idea, and all to be associated with it. 

  • Teams are applied on a challenge-by-challenge basis, so not all challenges may have the team functionality enabled. 
  • All members of the group can edit the Idea.
  • To add team members
    1. Navigate to the desired Challenge.
    2. Click Submit Idea.
    3. Below 'Add Team Members' enter required names.
    4. Enter personalised message if required.
    5. Click Preview and Publish
  • Invited team members will receive an email letting them know that they have been added to the team.
  • Manage Team Members
    • Team members can be added after an Idea has been created. 
    • Lead members can also be assigned after Idea has been created.
    1. Lead team member to navigate to Idea.
    2. Click 'Menu' to right hand side of page.
    3. In off canvas Menu click 'Manage Team'.
    4. New team members can be added.
    5. Lead team member can be reassigned.  


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    Jackie O'DOWD

    My manager, Heidi Manning, does not have her email address listed so I can't add her as a team member. Can you help please?

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