Introducing Canvas

We are pleased to announce the introduction of Canvas, which allows teams to visually collaborate on ideas using standard canvas frameworks including Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas and SWOT.


Business Model Canvas

If Canvas is turned on for your site, you can add one of the included canvases to a Gather or Development stage in your Challenge. Teams of users can then complete the canvas by adding individual cards to each section of the canvas, and will also be able to drag & drop cards between sections. Non team members can also collaborate on the canvas by adding comments on individual cards.


  • Canvas must be turned on for your site. Please contact your CSM to turn on this feature.
  • Canvas works best in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge (Microsoft). Although you can view the Canvas in IE10+, the blocks are stacked rather then displaying in specific format.



Configure Canvas for a Challenge

A single canvas can be added to a Challenge at either a Gather or Development stage type when configuring your Challenge workflow. You can only add one canvas type to a Challenge.


Stage Configuration: Canvas

When using Canvas on a Challenge, you must also include a Form that includes at least the Title field. The Form must be included in the Gather stage but does not need to be editable in later stages.

To get the most effective use of the Canvas, we recommend you set up your Challenge with the following workflow:

  • Gather Stage: idea form asking for a brief description of the business idea.
  • Evaluation Stage: select the ideas that require a Canvas analysis
  • Development Stage: Canvas

Add Content to Canvas 

If a Challenge is configured for Canvas, a new tab, Canvas, will be available on the Idea page. This tab is available beginning with the stage that includes the Canvas (i.e. if you do not include Canvas on the Gather stage, the Canvas tab will not be visible). This tab is available in Idea Preview and on Mobile Phones.


Idea Preview


Mobile Phone

Team Members

Idea Team Members can add new cards to the Canvas by click the + in the upper-right-hand corner of the applicable block. A text field, with limited formatting options, will open in the block. To edit the card, the Team Member clicks on the card to open the edit options, including the ability to archive the card.


Add Card


Edit Card

Non Team Members

Non Team Members can add or review comments by clicking on the Comments icon on the card.



Canvas Collaboration

To make collaborating on a Canvas easier, we are introducing enhancements to the Canvas functionality including:

  • 'View full' to display the Canvas in full screen to provide a larger view of the canvas and encourage collaboration.
  • Manage Team on the Canvas tab to make it easier to add and remove team members for the canvas.





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