Challenge/Conversation Sponsor

Challenge and Conversation Managers now have the option to select who, if anyone, should be identified on the Challenge or Conversation home page as the Challenge or Conversation Sponsor. You can change the setting at anytime, meaning you can update existing Challenge/Conversations.

With the new setting, Challenge and Conversation Managers have three options for displaying the information on the Challenge or Conversation home page:

  • Challenge Managers (default): existing functionality that displays the Challenge Manager on the home page.


  • Challenge Sponsor: allows the Challenge Manager to select one or more users in the system, individually or as a group, to 'sponsor' the Challenge and be the face of the Challenge. By using the Challenge Sponsor option, Challenge Managers can identify senior staff as a Challenge Sponsor without having to rely on the delegate functionality while still remaining the individual responsible for managing the Challenge on a day-to-day basis.


Challenge Sponsors

  • Hide All: does not display the Challenge Manager or a Challenge Sponsor on the Challenge home page. Allows the Challenge Manager to post the Challenge without any attribution.



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