Co-creation Community Dashboard

Co-creation Community Admins now have the option to add a Dashboard to the Co-creation Community. The Dashboard options are selected when adding or editing a Co-creation Community. Please ask your CSM to turn on the functionality to add the Co-creation Community Dashboard.


Add or edit Co-creation Community

 Select the blocks you want to include on the Co-creation Community Dashboard:

  • Summary Stats: summary of activity in the Co-creation Community including the number of ideas, comments and votes submitted.
  • Leaderboards: Ideas, Challenges and Idea Creators leaderboards for activity within the Co-creation Community.
  • Gamification Leaderboard: Gamification leaderboard for points earned for activity within the Co-creation Community. As with other Gamification widgets, you can limit the roles and/or Challenges included in the Gamification Leaderboard.
  • Trends and Workflow: Summary of the activity and flow of ideas within the Co-creation Community.


Summary Stats




Gamification Leaderboard


Trends & Workflow

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