User Export

System Admins will now be able to run User Exports on an ad hoc basis, selecting the user content to be exported. The User Export will be available by selecting Admin Panel > User Export.


To generate the export, the Admin must provide the following information:

  • File Name - the name of the export.
  • Recipients - the email address of the user(s) that should receive the export. When the export is ready for download, they will receive an email with a link to download the export.

When exporting a list of users, Admins have the following options:


Optional filters include:

  • Co-creation Community or Idea Space - export the users for a specific Co-creation Community or Idea Space only. By default All Users, across the main site and all Idea Spaces and Co-creation Communities, are included in the export.
  • User Type - export the users with one or more specific statuses:
    • Activated - users with a currently active account.
    • Pending - users that have been invited to the platform but have not activated their account.
    • Deactivated - users whose account has been set inactive.
    • Limited Contributors - users assigned the Limited Contributor role.
  • Date Range - export users that took specific actions during a specified date range:
    • Activated - users that activated their account during the defined period by either clicking the link in the Activation email or accessing the site for the first time through Single Sign On (SSO).
    • Registered - users that registered for an account by completing the registration form during the defined period. A Pending User could be included in this result if the user registered for their account but did not complete the activation step.
    • Viewed Challenge or Idea - users that viewed at least one Challenge or Idea during the defined period.

Export Content

The following content can be included in the export. 

Profile Fields

All of the fields you have included on your Profile form.

You must select at least one Profile field to export. We recommend that you select at least one identifying field (i.e. Name or Email Address) to allow you to review the actual users in the platform.

General Information

  • Gamification - the number of Gamification points earned and any badges awarded.
  • User Role - the User Role assigned to the user on the Admin Panel.
  • User Status - the user's current status (active, inactive, pending).
  • Date Joined - the date the user registered for an account.
  • Date Activated - the date the user activated their account by either clicking the link in the Activation email or accessing the site for the first time through SSO.
  • User Groups - the groups the user is a member of. These groups can be Smart or Manual groups.

Social Information

  • Number of Votes - the number of votes the user has submitted across the platform.
  • Number of Comments - the number of comments the user has submitted across the platform.
  • Number of Ideas - the number of ideas the user has submitted across the platform.
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