Custom Rating System

To provide more flexibility to configure your Challenge rating systems, the platform now supports Custom Rating systems which allow you to define the visual icon representation and backend algorithm to be applied. You can manage the Rating Systems for your platform on the Admin Panel > Ratings page.



To help you get started, we have provided two Rating Systems:

  • Existing thumbs up/thumbs down that applies a standard Popularity algorithm (Up Votes - Down Votes)
  • 5-star rating that applies a standard Average algorithm (inactive by default)


For each Rating System you can:

  • Edit - edit the settings for the Rating System.
  • Clone - clone the Rating System to add an additional Rating System with similar settings.
  • Activate/Deactivate - only active Rating Systems can be used for a new Challenge. If you do not want to use a Rating System for a new challenge, Deactivate it; deactivated Rating Systems will continue to apply to existing Challenges but cannot be selected for new Challenges.

Edit Rating System

For the default Rating Systems, you can edit the icon the icon set and colour scheme:

If you prefer a different icon set, such as Smiley Face/Frowny Face, you can change the icons by:

  1. Go to Admin Panel > Ratings.
  2. Click the Edit button for the Rating System.
  3. In the editing panel, click the Change Icon link. A pop-up window of available icons will display.
  4. Select your new icon and click Confirm selection.
  5. Once you have selected all necessary icons, click Save to save the changes to your Rating System.


To change the default icon colour scheme for the Rating System:

  1. Go to Admin Panel > Ratings.
  2. Click the Edit button for the Rating System.
  3. In the editing panel, type the new 6-character HEX code for your colour or click the colour block to choose a new colour.
  4. Once you have completed all necessary changes, click Save to save the changes to your Rating System.


  • If you change the icon or colour scheme for an existing Rating System, the change will be applied to any Challenge - new or existing - that uses that Rating System. If you do not want to affect existing Challenges, you should create a new Rating System rather than editing the existing Rating System.
  • If you would like to use a custom icon rather than the default icons provided, please submit a request through the Zendesk portal.
  • If you would like a custom algorithm, beside Popularity or Average, please submit a request through the Zendesk portal. 

Add Rating System to a Challenge

When adding a Challenge, the Challenge Manager can select any of the active Rating Systems. There are two new ratings-related settings:


Select the rating system for the Challenge 

This setting provides a dropdown list of all active Rating Systems. Select the Rating System you want to apply to the Challenge from the list of activated Rating Systems. In addition, you have the option of selecting 'No Rating System' if you do not want to allow users to vote on the ideas.

Note: Although you can use any Rating System for each Challenge, we recommend that you limit the number of Rating Systems you use to a small number to more easily support comparisons across Challenges.

Update: As of August 2018 new functionality has been introduced to provide more flexibility on the Challenge workflow by allowing contributors to continue commenting and voting whilst the Idea is in the evaluation process.

Select the level of details for users in the ideas ratings

This setting indicates the level of voting detail to display on the Challenge:

  • All details enabled - allow all users to view the voting details on the Challenge and Notification pages.
  • Only vote counts enabled - allow all users to view the total vote counts, but not who submitted the votes.
  • All details enabled for Challenge Managers only - hide voting details, including vote counts, for end users but enable for Challenge Managers.
  • All details disabled - hide voting details for all users, including Challenge Managers.

Change Rating System for an existing Challenge 

A Challenge Manager can change the Rating System for an existing Challenge, but if you do change the Rating System, all existing votes will be lost and you will not be able to retrieve them.

If you still want to change the Rating System:

  1. Go to the Challenge and select Edit Challenge.
  2. On the General tab, click Edit Rating System. This will activate the Rating System drop down.
  3. Select the new Rating System from the available active Rating Systems.
  4. Click Update Challenge to apply the change.


If you do not want to change the Rating System, click the Cancel link.




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