Challenge Analytics

Challenge Managers now have the option to add analytics to the Overview tab of the Challenge page. The analytics options are selected on the Social tab when adding or editing a Challenge, and can be turned on for new or existing Challenges. Please ask your CSM to turn on Challenge Analytics.


Challenge Builder: Social tab

The available options include:

  • Calls to Action (CTA): turn on/off the Add your idea and View submitted ideas buttons.


Calls to Action on Overview tab

  • Gamification: include a Gamification leaderboard for points earned for activity for the Challenge. The Challenge Manager can elect to exclude specific roles (i.e. Admin, Manager) from the leaderboard. 


Gamification Leaderboard on Overview tab

  • Activity Stream: displays a list of the most recent activity for the Challenge. The activity can be viewed by:
    • All Activity
    • Ideas - activities associated with adding or progressing ideas.
    • Comments - comments added to ideas
    • Votes - votes added to ideas.


Activity Stream on Overview tab

  • Keyword Word Cloud: displays a word cloud based on Keywords added to the ideas within the Challenge. Clicking on a Keyword, opens the Ideas tab filtered for the ideas with the selected Keyword.


Keyword Word Cloud

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