The quickbar allows every individual to select up to 10 Challenges, Conversations, Idea Spaces or Co-creation Communities to add to their personal quickbar. Once a piece of content is added, individuals will have one click access to the content. The quickbar gives everyone the opportunity to personalise their Idea Spotlight experience.

Each quickbar link opens the following pages:

  • Challenge – opens the Ideas tab on the Challenge page
  • Conversation – opens the Conversation page
  • Idea Space – opens the Activity tab on the Idea Space page
  • Co-creation Community – opens the Discover page

When an individual places their mouse over the content in the quickbar, they will get a summary of the content included:

  • Challenge – number of ideas
  • Conversation – number of comments
  • Idea Space – number of Challenges and Conversations
  • Co-creation Community – number of Challenges and Conversations


If new content has been added since the last time they view the content, a red ‘pip’ displays in the corner to prompt them to return to the page.

  • Challenge – new idea added
  • Conversation – new comment added
  • Idea Space – new idea or comment added
  • Co-creation Community – new idea or comment added


When you open a Co-creation Community, a ‘return to site’ link will automatically be added to the quickbar to return to the home page of the main site.


Getting Started with the quickbar

To get started with the quickbar, ask you Customer Success Manager to turn it on. You will have the choice to select either a black/white or muted colour palette view for the quickbar.   

white.png      colour.png

Individuals will have two ways to add content to the quickbar:

Quickbar settings

The cog icon on the quickbar opens the quickbar settings from which an individual can add and remove content and reorder the tabs.


  1. Click the cog icon to open the settings.
  2. To remove content, click the red X next to the content.
  3. To add new content, click the green + next to the content. You can search for Challenges, Idea Spaces, Co-creation Communities or Conversations.
  4. To rearrange the order of the content, click the up/down arrows next to the content to be moved.
  5. When all changes are done, click Close to save your new settings. 

Add to quickbar button

Alternatively, individuals can add content to the quickbar directly from the content. When on the page, individuals will see a ‘add to quickbar’ button. If they select the button, that content will be added to the bottom of the quickbar. They can always return to the quickbar settings to rearrange the order of the content.


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