Smart Groups


Smart Groups allows Admins to manage access to content through auto-managed groups based on Single Sign On (SSO) attributes or Profile fields. For example, you can create a group where Location = UK or where Job Level = Executive. An Admin can also create more complex groups (i.e. Location = Poland + Job Function = Marketing). Once a Smart Group is defined, users will automatically be added to/removed from the group based on their value for the specified attribute or field, significantly reducing the administrative burden for managing access to content.

With the defined Smart Groups, Admins can:

  • assign Smart Groups to Idea Spaces and Co-creation Communities to easily manage joiners and leavers. Joiners are immediately granted full access to the relevant content (without having to manually join), and Admins will no longer have to manually remove leavers.
  • use Smart Groups to invite individuals to Private Challenges and Conversations, to ensure only the appropriate individuals are granted access to more sensitive or confidential information.
  • use Smart Groups to manage the groups of individuals responsible for moderating content within a Challenge.
  • use Smart Groups to invite individuals to participate in Pairwise Voting.

Smart Groups can be used to set both inclusion (i.e. allow this group of users access to content) and exclusion (i.e. deny this group of users access to content) rules, and multiple Smart Groups can be used within the same content (i.e. include HR Group and Executive Group).

Because there may be exceptions to your inclusion or exclusion rules, Admins can overwrite the rules for individual users. For example, if a Co-creation Community is set up to include the HR Group, an Admin could explicitly remove one individual in the HR Group from the Co-creation Community, denying them access to the Co-creation Community, without affecting their membership in the group. Additional, an Admin can also explicitly invite an individual who is not part of the HR Group to have access to the Co-creation Community.

Note: Although the existing Manual Groups are not auto-managed (i.e. Admins must manually add and remove members from the group), Manual Groups can also be used to manage access to content, moderate content and participate in Pairwise Voting.

Whenever possible, we recommend creating Smart Groups as it will ensure that as circumstances changes, the right people will continue to have access to content at the right time.

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