Discover Page Overview


We've given the Discover page a fresh new look - the filters are unchanged, but we've moved them to the top of the page to make them easier to find and allow more cards per row. We've also added a total results count, so you know immediately how many cards are returned, without having to scroll to the end of the list.



Idea Preview

Some people like to view Ideas in preview mode so they can get a glimpse of the idea before committing; other individuals prefer to jump straight into full mode. With the new Idea Card icons, everyone gets to chose.


In addition to giving everyone a choice to open Ideas in preview or full mode, we also improved the preview experience.

UI enhancements:

  • Centred the Preview on the page for better visibility on larger monitors
  • Increased the size of the links to navigate between the preview / full modes and between Ideas

Additional options on the Preview mode including:

  • Share and Follow the Idea
  • Option to Join a team view the full team list
  • View the Idea history


'Swimlane' view

We have added a new 'swimlane' view to the Ideas tab on the Challenge page. In this view, you can display the Ideas by:

  • Stage: includes a column for all potential stages in the Challenge, even if there are currently no ideas in that stage.
  • Category: if the Challenge has at least one Category selected, includes a column for all potential categories, even if there are current no ideas in that category.
  • Status: includes a column for all potential statuses in the Challenge, even if there are currently no ideas in that status.


You can toggle between the default card view and swimlane view using the view icons above the idea cards.




Note: To get started with swimlanes, asked your Customer Success Manager to turn them on.

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