Interface and Dashboard Enhancements, Outcomes and Language Localisation

Enhanced interface 

We are introducing an updated interface to make it easier to view content across your Challenges, Ideas and Idea Spaces.

Tabbed Interface

Rather than scrolling to find content, we moved to a tabbed interface to quickly move between different types of content within your Challenge, Idea and Idea Space. As always, individuals will only see those tabs which are relevant to them.

Challenge page tabs:

  • Overview
  • Ideas
  • Evaluation (Admins, Challenge Managers and Lead Evaluators only)
  • Tasks (Admins and Challenge Managers only)
  • Outcomes (Admins and Challenge Managers only)
  • Analytics (Admins and Challenge Managers only)


Idea page tabs:

  • Idea & Comments
  • Updates
  • Evaluation (Admins, Challenge Managers and Evaluators only)
  • Outcomes (Admins and Challenge Mangers only)


Idea Space tabs:

  • Overview
  • Idea Space Activity


Stage Indicators

The Stage Indicators on the Challenge and Idea pages have also been enhanced to provide more information.

If you set up your Challenge to auto-open/close stages on a Phased Challenge, the Stage Indicators will display the progression of the stages including visual indicators of the time left in a stage and the expected opening dates of future stages. As stages open/close, the dates will be replaced with the count of ideas that passed through that stage.


On a Parallel Challenge, the Stage Indicators will indicate the current number of Ideas in that stage.


Idea Preview 

With Idea Preview, it is now easier to quickly cycle through groups of ideas to comment/vote or evaluate them from either the Discover or Challenge page. 

To view an idea in Preview mode,

1. Go to the Discover or Challenge page and filter the ideas as needed.

2. Click on the first Idea in the list and it opens in Preview mode.

3. Complete any necessary actions, such as voting or commenting on the Idea.

4. To view the next Idea, click the Next Idea link. Alternatively, to view the Idea in full mode, click Show Full Idea and you will be directed to the Idea page.



Outcome Tracking 

With the new Outcome tracking features, Admins and Challenge Managers can set Challenge-specific objectives for participation, social activity, financial results and implementation times and track the results against those objectives. Outcome Tracking can

be utilised on a Challenge-by-Challenge basis by turning on Outcomes for the final stage in a Challenge at any time, meaning you can begin tracking your results for existing as well as new Challenges.

To turn on Outcomes tracking:

1. On the Workflow tab of the Add or Edit Challenge page, open the Stage settings for the last stage in your Challenge.

2. To turn on Outcomes, select Yes for the ‘Do you want to enable outcomes for this Challenge. By default, the setting is turned OFF for existing Challenges but will be turned ON for newly created Challenges.

3. when you turn on Outcomes, Admins and Challenge Managers will have two additional tabs on their Challenge page: Outcomes and Analytics.


Set your Challenge Objectives

You have the option to just track Challenge results, or also track your results against specific objectives. To set your objectives:

1. On the Challenge page, select the Outcomes tab.

2. Select the type of Challenge you are running as this will allow you to compare the results for similar Challenges in the future.

3. Identify the types of metrics you would like to track. By default all metrics are tracked, but you can turn off particular metrics by selecting No Metrics for a particular group.

Challenge Engagement Metrics

You can track two types of engagement metrics:

  • Participants and Archetypes: set objectives for total number of participants and the breakdown of types of participants (Creators, Contributors and Lurkers).
  • Activity: set objectives for the number of ideas and social activity


Challenge Results

In addition, you can track two types of results:

  • Financial Results: Savings Realised, Revenue Generated and Awards Granted
  • Implementation: Time to Decision and Time to Implement


For Financial results, you can select which metrics you want to track by:

  • All metrics
  • Selected metrics only
  • Selected metrics with objectives only
  • No metrics

By selecting Selected Metrics only, for example, you can elect to track either Savings or Revenue, but not both.

To record your results:

1. On the Outcomes tab, select Record Results.

2. All ideas with a status of Approved or Completed will be displayed. Select the applicable filters to filter the list of ideas.

3. From the list of ideas, click the record results button for your idea. The button is visible when you roll your mouse over the table.


4. On the Idea Preview tab, enter the Outcome results for the Idea. The Financial metrics you selected on the Set Challenge Objectives tab will be displayed.

5. Enter your results and click Save.


To view your Challenge Results, select the Analytics tab. In all graphs the following rules apply to provide quick visual clues against objectives:

  • Green: If you have achieved or surpassed your objective, or if no objective is set
  • Amber: if you have achieved 80% of your objective.
  • Red: if you have achieved less than 80% of your objective

The following results are available:


Summary and Financial Results


Financial Results v. Objectives

If you have not set objectives, you will just see the actuals.


Activity Trends v. Objectives

If you have not set objectives, you will just see the actuals.


Implementation Details v. Objectives

If you have not set objectives, you will just see the actuals.


Participants and Archetypes v. Objectives

If you have not set objectives, you will just see the actuals.


New Dashboard 

With the success of the Analytics page for Admins, we’ve updated our Dashboard to give your entire community access to analytics including:

  • Overall site stats
  • Leadersboards: Ideas, Challenges and Idea Creators
  • Gamification Leaderboards
  • Social Activity by site or Challenge


Language Localisation 

We now support the interface in 14 languages, allowing individuals to select their preferred language. In addition, we are launching a new translation option to translate user-generated content using the Google Translate API. To take advantage of these language options, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

The current list of languages includes:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)
  • Danish
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Once Language Localisation is turned on, each individual can select their preferred language on their Profile settings page. By default, the language will be set to the default site language.

1. From the Profile menu, select Profile.

2. On the Profile page, select the gear icon to edit the Profile.

3. On the Edit Profile page, select the preferred language from the list of languages.



Notification App 

The Notification App, which replaces email notifications with push notifications to phones and tablets, is now available for both iOS and Android devices. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to set up your customised app for your organisation.

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