Media and Featured Content block types

Media block

The Media block is a special block that allows you to display a single image or a video. It is a single row block, supporting various image formats (.jpeg, .jpg, .png & .gif) and embedded players (Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud). Advanced formatting options are available: block size relative to the screen (auto, full or half); display/hide on mobile and/or desktop; video display mode (stretch or auto); and background colour.

Featured Content block

The Featured Content block allows you to feature multiple entities of the same type, in a single block. This block can feature Challenges, Conversations, Ideas, Idea Spaces or Co-creation Communities.

Once the content type is selected, the search allows to select the specific cards to be featured. There is no restriction on how many cards can be added.

Two card layouts are available: vertical or horizontal. The vertical layout allows for more cards in each row, while horizontal cards display more detailed descriptions.

The title of the block can be customised with a Rich Text Editor. Like for the other blocks, a background image and colour can be added.

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    Mark Ricketts

    I understand the use of the Featured Content block - but how do you get it onto the page?

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    Mark Ricketts

    OK - Got it - Select 'Pin' to Homepage :)

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