Archiving Challenges, Conversations and Moved Ideas

Archiving completed Challenges and closed Conversations 

By archiving completed Challenges and closed Conversations, you make sure that the most recent and relevant content is displayed first to your contributors on the Discover page and on the Idea Space home page.

When can content be archived: 

A Challenge can be archived once it has been completed. A Phased Challenge is completed when current stage is the Completed stage. A Parallel Challenge is completed when the Gather stage has been closed and the Challenge is not accepting new ideas. 

A Conversation can be archived when it has been closed. 

Who can archive content: 

Admins can archive all content; Managers can also archive content for which they are responsible: 

  • Individuals with the Manager role can archive Challenges and Conversations in the main Idea Spotlight instance. 
  • Idea Space Managers can archive Challenges and Conversations in their Idea Space 
  • Co-creation Community Managers can archive in Challenges and Conversations In their Co-creation Communities. 

Archive content: 

To archive a Challenge, select Archive Challenge in the Actions menu on the Challenge page. You have the option to archive the associated ideas, which means these ideas also won’t be shown by default on the Discover page. 


To archive a Conversation, select Archive Conversation in the Actions menu on the Conversation page. 


 Unarchive content: 

Because you sometimes need to bring Challenges and Conversations back to life, you have the option to unarchive them.  To unarchive the content, return to the select Unarchive from the applicable Action menu. 

What if the Challenge or Conversation is featured on the home page: 

If you archive a Challenge or Conversation that is currently featured on the Idea Spotlight home page or pinned to a Co-creation Community home page, the content is automatically removed from the home pages. 

Auto-archiving moved ideas 

As with rejected Ideas, we automatically archive moved Ideas. After you move an idea to a new Challenge, the idea in the original Challenge will automatically be archived. 

To view archived content, select the tickbox “Show archived items on the Discover, Challenge or Idea Space home pages. 

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