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Idea Spotlight is a great place to share and build on ideas, and we want to make sure it stays this way. To ensure the conversation stays on point and adheres to your terms and conditions, you can now add comment moderation to a challenge or conversation.


Configuring comment moderation

Comment moderation is turned off by default. When comment moderation is turned on, the moderators and the moderation type must be defined.

When creating or editing a Challenge, the comment moderation options is available on the Social tab.

Similarly, the comment moderation options are displayed when creating or editing a Conversation.

Moderators can be selected by groups or individuals, by typing names or email addresses to select users.

The moderation type defines the behaviour when a comment is flagged as :

  • Immediately hide the comment until it has been moderated
  • Continue to display the comment unless a moderator hides it

Flagging a comment for review

When moderation is turned on for a Challenge or Conversation, any contributor can flag comments as inappropriate, which will generate a task to the applicable moderators to review the flagged comments.

If a comment has already been flagged and accepted by a moderator, it cannot be flagged again unless it has been edited since the initial review.

A comment remains flagged until a moderator makes a decision, even if the comment is edited pending moderation.

Please note:  authors cannot flag their own comments, and moderators can hide a comment directly, without having to flag it first. Once a Conversation is closed, or an idea is in its final state, the comment can't be flagged anymore.


Reviewing a comment as a moderator

When a comment is flagged for review, it generates tasks for all the moderators assigned to the Challenge or Conversation. The task displays on the task page and in the daily summary. From the idea or conversation pages, moderators can approve or hide the comment using the contextual menu displayed in the top-right corner.

Once a comment has been reviewed by a moderator, the task associated with this comment disappears for all moderators’ tasks lists.

If moderation is configured so comments are hidden automatically after they have been flagged for review, a moderator can unhide the comment after reviewing it.

If moderation is configured so comments are visible until reviewed, moderators can either approve or hide the comment.

Idea Spotlight Admins and Managers can moderate comments, even if they are not named as moderators for a Challenge or Conversation.


Notifications to the author of the comment

The author of a comment receives an in-app notification when it gets flagged for review.

  • If moderation is set up to immediately hide flagged comments, the author receives a notification to warn him/her that the comment has been flagged.
  • If moderation is set so that a flagged comment remains visible until a moderator hides it, this notification prompts the author to edit the comment to comply with the terms and conditions.

After a moderator makes a decision, the author receives a notification to inform him/her of the outcome.


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