What is Pairwise?

Pairwise is a voting system available within phased challenges that asks your chosen audience to compare ideas side by side and vote for their favourite. This evaluation method engages the crowd through a simple voting process whilst ensuring that every idea gets equal visibility. It is a great way to include a broader set of participants in the evaluation process and is perfect for comparing logos or mission statements for example. 

How does it work?

Every idea is compared against every other idea multiple times. A comparison consists of a user either voting for their preferred idea, or stating no preference. For each idea pair, we evaluate the probability that one idea is better than the other, given the observed votes and our modelling assumptions. If the probability that either idea is better than the other is “sufficiently high”, then we award a point to the idea that appears better. We then total the points for each idea and rank the ideas in a list of results.

Along with the list of results, we provide a confidence level: Low, Medium or High. This level is based on the number of ideas, comparisons and participants in the Pairwise. 

Benefits of Pairwise

Increased engagement in voting.

- Reduction in the number of "lurkers" (users who visit a challenge but do not vote).

Reduced effort for users in searching, filtering and reviewing ideas.

- Quicker to complete challenges.

- Reducing herd mentality, biased to vote for ideas submitted by people the user likes.

 Please note: Pairwise is a feature that must be enabled on your Idea Spotlight before you can use it in a challenge. Please contact support@wazoku.com to get Pairwise enabled.


Read our article on Setting Up Pairwise to learn how to add it to your Challenges.


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