Task tab

To allow you to easily track the progress of all tasks in a Challenge, we have introduced a new tab for Admins and Challenge Managers. On the task tab you can monitor the pending tasks, identify bottlenecks and nudge assignees with direct messages as needed.

Task Metrics

Task metrics embedded in Challenge task tab allow Admins and Challenge Managers to quickly assess the completion level of tasks for a given stage.

The count of ideas with overdue or pending tasks allows you to gauge the work left at a glance. For a Phased Challenge, the count of ideas with completed tasks show the accomplished work, while the progress bar displays the ratio of pending ideas against the total number of ideas with tasks.

Ideas with pending tasks

For Evaluate or Develop stages, the table displays the ideas with tasks. By default, the table displays ideas with at least one pending task. There is an option to ‘include completed tasks’ to also display ideas with completed tasks.

The table displays ideas with the earliest due dates calculated based on the number of days individuals have to complete a task, defined on when setting the stage parameters. If no due is set, the due date is computed based on the closing date of the stage. If neither of these two values are provided, the table displays the ideas in the order they entered the stage.

Sending a message

Once ideas with pending tasks are identified, the natural step is to nudge assignees by sending them a reminder. To do so, Admins and Challenge Managers can select ideas and click ‘Send message’. The message will be sent to selected assignees (either all assignees or assignees with pending tasks only) via an email notification.

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