Designing Your Home page

Your Home Pages for the main site and Co-creation Communities are built by adding blocks of content to the page. You can add any number of blocks, selecting from the following content types:

  • General – general information block that can contain a background image or colour and one or more rows of text. Each text row can be displayed in a single or double column format.
  • Media - display a single image or a video.
  • Featured Content -  allows you to feature multiple content of the same type, in a single block.
  • Challenge - feature a Challenge, including the name, description, workflow, calls to action and up to five ideas.
  • Conversation – feature a Conversation, including the name, description and up to the five most recent comments.
  • Idea Space – feature an Idea Space including name, description and unlimited Challenges and Conversations.
  • Co-creation Community – feature a Co-creation Community including name, description and unlimited Challenges and Conversations.
  • Gamification - display the leaderboard
  • Analytics - display a combination of Trend Graph, Activity Stream, Leaderboards, Idea Map and Keyword Wordcloud
  • Custom Cards - create a block with a series of cards around a specific theme, idea or any other categorisation

Please see below for examples of what each of the blocks above could look like on your Home Page:



Featured Content



Idea Space / Co-creation Community



Custom Cards 


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