Team Management

Configuring a Challenge

When creating or editing a Challenge, the team options are located within the Gather stage settings. By default, ideas can have teams. The second setting defines how new team members are added a team: either ‘A request will be triggered for team leads’ or ‘Individuals join immediately’.

Requesting to join a team

If ‘A request will be triggered for team leads’ is selected in the Challenge settings, a ‘Request to join this team’ button displays on the idea page. Clicking it triggers a request to Team Leads, informing them that someone asked to join their team. This request creates a new task that will be considered completed when a decision is made.

Joining a team immediately

If ‘Individuals join immediately’ is selected in the Challenge settings, the idea page will include a ‘Join this team’ button. When clicking it, the individual will be added to he team immediately.


Adding or inviting new team members

Admins, Challenge Managers and Team Leads can invite new members to a team by clicking the ‘Manage members’ link on the idea page. When inviting a potential team member, they can define a message that the invited individuals receive with the request. Alternatively, new members can be added immediately, without sending any invitation.

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    Daniel Blood

    Hi, I would like to know how to remove team members from my team, as this member is no longer working on the idea? I have tried to do this in mange team members, but doesn't seem to work.

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