Access Idea Spotlight with Social Logins

We are introducing integrations with three of the most popular social networks. 



To make onboarding easier, particularly for Co-creation Communities, you can activate social logins, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, independently for the Idea Spotlight domain and for each Co-creation Community. When social logins are turned on, users can now register directly with their social accounts, eliminating the need to create and remember new username/password combinations.  

For the main site, go Admin Panel > Integrations > Social Logins: 



For a Co-creation Community, you can add or remove social logins from the Add or Edit Co-creation Community pages.  


Our social logins are designed to require as little personal information as possible: 

  • Facebook: email, public_profile, user_friends 
  • Twitter: read-only 
  • LinkedIn: basic profile, email address 

Upon first login with a social account, users are prompted to grant permission for Idea Spotlight to access their profile. 


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