SAML2 Single Sign On (SSO) for Co-creation Communities

SAML2 SSO is a simple way to allow users in an Active Directory to access Idea Spotlight. Once logged in to their organisation’s network, they can seamlessly navigate Idea Spotlight either by clicking on an SSO button or being automatically redirected. 

You can also separately set up additional SAML2 SSO for each Co-creation Community, to make it easier to co-create and innovate with other organisations. To set up the SSO, follow our step-by-step guide ‘How to set up SAML integration with ADFS’. 

To complete the setup, you will need to access the metadata files: 

- Idea Spotlight’s main site:  

- Co-creation Community: where ‘id’ is the 32-character string in the Co-creation Community’s URL  

(eg. If your Co-creation Community URL is, you will find the metadata file at ) 

You can also set up a Co-creation Community to link to multiple Active Directories. You then have the option to redirect the user automatically or display multiple SSO icons on the login page. 

If you set up a Closed (invite only) Co-creation Community with a SAML2 SSO, users will be able to join the community in two ways: via the link they receive if you invite them by email, or if they are allowed access through the SSO. 

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