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Using the Discover and Activity pages

Using the Discover page to search, filter and find content.

Users can search for content on the Discover pages of platforms and Co-creation Communities and Activity Pages of Idea Spaces.

Setting Content Filters

To quickly and easily surface content you can select the scope of your search: 

    • Idea Spaces
    • Co-creation Communities
    • Challenges 
    • Ideas 
    • Conversations 
    • People

And filter by your content:

    • Your Content 
    • Your Evaluations 

Or archived content:

    • Archived Content 

Filters can be used to narrow down content further. Click the Filter button to see the options, such as: 

    • Date Added 
    • Category 
    • User profile fields 
    • Stage 
    • Status  
    • Keywords 

These filters are dependent on what type Content is being shown.


    Use the Search bar to enter keywords to search across all content with scope and filters applied.

    Discover Page


    Activity Page