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Taxonomy Field

The Taxonomy Field allows organisations to report across ideas on which are utilising the same items. 

Use Case 

The Taxonomy field should be used when you have large amounts of related data that can be combined into a single hierarchy and can replace a series of dependent fields. Potential use cases include: 

  • Location Data 
  • Skills hierarchies 
  • Product Categories 
  • Feature/Functionality Description 

The Taxonomy field is useful if your organisation has a large list of items which you would like ideas to be categorised against. Using this field allows you to report across ideas which are utilising the same items. 

The Taxonomy field is a special field that can be created for you by Wazoku Support and added to the Form Builder to be added to Idea Forms as necessary. You can have multiple Taxonomy fields to support different data sets (i.e. one for Skills Hierarchies and another one for Product Categories), and when setting up your field, you will provide the name of the field and structure. 

The Taxonomy field on the Form Builder allows you to upload inter-related data to make it easier for your end users to select the correct values. For example, if you are running a Challenge that requires users to select a specific location, you could create a field that displays the data as: 

  • Division > Country > City > Office Location 

Once a field has been added to the Form Builder, it can be added to Idea Forms to be used in Challenges. For each individual Challenge, the Challenge Manager can then upload the specific values needed for the Challenge (i.e. each Challenge can have a different list of values but must follow the same structure).  When end users complete the form, they will be able to search for their values from any point in the hierarchy. For example, one user could search by Office Location, while another user could search by City. 

With the new search enhancement for the Taxonomy field, end users will now be able to search across multiple values – for example, City and Office Location – and it will return any values that match the combined values. 

How-to Guide

Uploading your Taxonomy Values to a Form:

  1. Select the master cog  
  2. Click Form Builder  
  3. Select the pencil to edit the form  
  4. Select Add a Field tab  
  5. Drag the taxonomy field from left to right  
  6. Select Save  

Uploading your Taxonomy Values to a Challenge

  1. Create a new Challenge and navigate to the Challenge Builder General Tab to upload the required taxonomy values Excel spreadsheet using the correct format, ensuring that the spreadsheet tab is titled en-GB
  2. Navigate to the Challenge Builder Workflow tab and select the Form including the taxonomy field.