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Ability to configure a prefix for Idea IDs for Idea Spaces & Co-creation Communities

How to add prefixes to Idea IDs in Idea Spaces and Co-creation Communities

Key Benefits

  • Allows users to more easily distinguish between ideas and content in Idea Spaces and Co-creation Communities
  • Allows you to establish common themes across your different communities
  • Allows for Idea Spaces and Co-creation Communities to be more identifiable and unique

For example, an Idea Space that relates to “Sustainability” could have the prefix SUST-0000.

How to set up

  • Add or edit an Idea Space or Co-creation Community.
  • Navigate to the General settings in the Idea Space/Co-creation Community.
  • Enter a prefix with up to 4 alphanumeric characters in the Configure Prefix for Idea ID field.
    • Prefixes must be unique.
    • Prefixes are required.
    • The setting is only be available at the top level of a community tree and all nested Idea Spaces/Co-Creation Communities will inherit the prefix.
    • This setting is behind a feature flag and is disabled by default. Please submit a ticket to support@wazoku.com if you wish to enable this option.
    • Once created a prefix can be edited. Edits to prefixes will result in associated Idea IDs being updated.
    • If an idea is moved to another Idea Space it keeps the original Idea ID but the prefix will change to that of the destination Idea Space.