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Commenting in a Conversation

Submitting comments to a conversation

How to comment in a Conversation, add comments and reply to comments and turn on real time comment updates.

Adding a comment to a Conversation

  1. Navigate to your  Conversation 
  2. Scroll down the page to the Comments section
  3. Add your comment into the text box. Use @ followed by a user's name to tag them in the comment.
  4. If you wish to attach a file, select the paperclip icon to see attachment options 

  5. Select Submit when ready
  6. You will see your comment appear at the top of the comments feed


Replying to a comment

You can only reply to an existing comment if the Conversation is open for new comments.

  1. Under a comment you will see the Reply button, select this to open the text box
  2. Add your text into the box 
  3. Select the paperclip icon to see Attachment options if you wish to add any files to your comment 
  4. Select Submit and your reply will be added underneath the comment


Sorting comments

Using the 'Sort by:' drop down, you can sort comments by:

    • Most recent
    • Oldest
    • Most popular


Real-time comment updates

Users can turn on real time comment updates that appear dynamically on the page as new comments are added.

  1. Navigate to the Comments section
  2. Slide the Live Refresh toggle to on and it will change from grey to green
  3. The most recent Comments or replies to Comments will appear at the top of the list.

Note: Sorting options will be limited to 'Most Recent' if this functionality is active.