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Types of Challenge - phased or parallel

Understand the differences and decide whether to use a phased or parallel Challenge

Phased Challenge 

A phased Challenge sets all Ideas to move through the same stage at the same time. The stage opens and closes at a set time and Ideas are then progressed together.

You cannot fast track or send Ideas back to different stages in the workflow once they are closed.

    Parallel Challenge 

    A parallel Challenge allows a continuous flow of Ideas through the Challenge supporting an always-on workflow. Ideas can move from stage to stage at any time at their own pace.  

    You can select whether to allow Ideas to be fast-tracked or moved backwards on the workflow.

    Setting the Challenge Type 

    1. Navigate to the Admin Settings Cog and select Add Challenge 
    2. In the Workflow section of the Challenge Builder select Phased or Parallel Challenge 
    3. If you have selected Parallel you can choose whether to enable fast-tracking and sending back of Ideas.